I'M Peter
not your typical CFO

About ME

My name is Peter. I have 15 years experience in Venture Capital of which 10 as an entrepreneur. In those years, I’ve read and reviewed over a thousand business plans and seen up close which companies were successful and which were not. In a CFO or COO role I can use all that experience to help companies grow.

october 2007
First VC Experience

Maxwell Group specializes in setting up and managing investment funds and investor networks. I was an investment manager at SquareOne Fund & JC Participates on behalf of Maxwell Group.

june 2011
The start of Investormatch

With three co-founders I started Investormatch. A business angel network, matching investors and entrepreneurs. It became the biggest angel network in the Netherlands.

june 2016
Investormatch joins De Breed & Partners

Investormatch is acquired by De Breed & Partners. I stay on as the director of Investormatch.

april 2019
Launched Techfund One

In 2019 Investormatch launched her own fund: Techfund One. As founder of the fund I become the Investment Director.

Jan 2020
Chairman BAN Nederland

I became the chairman of BAN NL, the national association of Business Angel Networks in the Netherland.

june 2021
10 years anniversary Investormatch
oktober 2021
MBO Investormatch & Techfund One: Investormatch Capital

I, together with my colleque Koen Ferket, did a management buy out and became the owners (again) of Investormatch and Techfund One. The new combination is called Investormatch Capital.

dec 2021
CFO @ Inkubis

Started as CFO for Inkubis, a Cronos Company.

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